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"Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts." Love has features which pierce all hearts, he wears a bandage which conceals the faults of those beloved. He has wings, he comes quickly and flies away the same.

There is no pain equal to that which two lovers can inflict on one another. This should be made clear to all who contemplate such a union. The avoidance of this pain is the beginning of wisdom, for it is strong enough to contaminate the rest of our lives.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011 | 12:13 PM | 16 comments

Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young confirm they’re dating...

feedback from LMH fans------>
-This is SO AWESOME. *squees*
-OMG… When I read the title, I thought it was some rumor. Then it’s actually real and confirmed!
OMG….. But I’m happy for him cos he finally found a partner.
-Why do they release the news so soon (right after City Hunter)? I hope that’s not a deal.
-happy happy!
-Two words:
-huge smile This is too cute!!!! >.< -I am happy for them but…. Minho is no longer single and ready to mingle!!! ): -HAHAHA my reaction exactly….but shes better than anyone else I know -I’m so conflicted too. I’m sad that LMHot is no longer single. But if it has to be anyone, then I’m happy that it is Nana Bear! Wish them all the best! This is one happy MinMin shipper!
-Me tooo!! I am happy that its Nana Bear….and I feel that Park Min Young is quite genuine as a person. But Lee Min Ho!!! I always wondered how I’d react to news of his dating….WHO he would eventually date…etc!! Now that its out…I am sad and happy at the same time…!! :!!! Best of Luck to you both!! :’( -OMG!!!! I’m so happy for them *.* (sure I want Lee Min-ho all for myself too) But… YAY!!!
- I thoughts exactly!
-Awww I’m sooo happy for them both! Min Young, I am so envious of you. You are one lucky chick. Min Ho, you are still sooo hawt! This news has brightened up my day. I have a stupid grin on my face and I’m getting weird looks from my co-workers. ^_^ I hope fans/netizens/papparazzi will give them space and not force a break up which has been happening a bit too often these days.
-I’m also very afraid for PMY. She already has many antis; now she may suffers more bashing from LMH fans. Fighting City Hunter and Nana Bear! Fighting LMH and PMY! May your relationship last for a long time. -OH MY GOD Lee Min-ho is officially off the market. *SOB*
-I’m happy for them. I really am. Really.
-Yay!! Haha. I’m sad but at the same time happy for them. =)
my reaction!! watde.... oke congratulation..HAHA bonggok. sumber: credit:reference